E-Code H4 Headlights - PAIR

Lowest price anywhere for actual European-spec E-code headlights. Far superior to non-certified H4's, and a huge improvement over your stock sealed-beam headlights for almost no money. Drop-in replacements for any car that takes 7" round (H6014 or H6024) headlights - not just various VW models, but also others from Mazda to Mercedes.

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An incredible deal - a PAIR of genuine E-Code H4 headlights for the price of One!  Add the bulbs (below) and you're still under $40 for the whole "plug-and-play" package!  We learned of these from a well regarded Brtitish sports car specialist who has sold them for years and swears by them. (Don't worry, these are left hand drive.)  Essentially generic knockoffs of the Cibie Z-beams, these are tested and certified to meet stringent E-Code and TUV standards.  This means better light distribution and visibility than the cheapo knockoffs sold on Ebay, etc. (which are not E-code). Protective boots are also included (often omitted on budget headlights).  These are direct bolt-on replacements for your stock 7" sealed-beam bulbs; just pop them in and you're ready to go. They have curved glass similar to the original sealed beams (as compared to the Hellas which have a flatter profile).  New for 2020 is a special anti-fogging coating on the inside of the lenses.

Add City Lights / European Parking Lights for only $10/pair:  We also offer these with European spec City Lights added, for just $10/pair more. This version adds an additional socket and low-output clear bulb toward the side of each headlight. You can wire them to light up with your parking lights, or as daytime running lights. For only $10/pair more than the standard E-codes, these give your headlights a cool "Euro look" that makes the whole bucket glow, and improve visibility as well. The city bulbs are included (worth the $10 difference alone). However you will still need to order the H4 headlight bulbs below. Note, if you don't wire up the city lights these will still function just like the versions without them, so you can install them now and wire the city lights later if you like. To order this version click here. Upgrade to Hellas:  While these are a great value and a dramatic improvement over your stock sealed-beam headlights, they are still no match for the Hella E-codes that we currently have on Factory Buyout at $79 a pair.  Those are top-of-the-line, and are worth the extra cost if they fit into your budget. Click here to order. (Note, the Hellas do not have city lights.)

Bulbs: Don't forget to add the matching bulbs below for just $2.39 each, as they are not included. (Also linked below as an alternative are German bulbs for $3.95 each. Both have the same wattage and specs.)  These bulbs work with your stock wiring and plug; no modifications required. (If you have a pre-'67 6-volt Bug or Bus, order these 6 volt versions instead.)

LED-Ready.  These headlights accept all H4 LED bulbs, but we don't sell those bulbs and are recommending high-output Halogen bulbs instead. Why? Because retrofit LED's (for vehicles not factory-equipped with LED headlamps) aren't quite ready for prime time yet. There's a reason why the major bulb suppliers (such as Hella and Sylvania/Osram) are not offering them yet, but off-brand Chinese companies are. The beam pattern tends to be irregular (either blinding oncoming traffic, or not illuminating the road evenly), and reliability, QC, and lifespan are inconsistent. (Also they don't generate heat so they're poorly suited for cold weather; they won't melt snow that hits your headlights.) At this time we are not recommending switching to LED, but when that time comes all you have to do is plug in LED bulbs in place of the included halogen ones, it's that simple. By the time the halogen bulbs burn out it may be time to go LED, but if not, replacements are only $8 a pair and are a huge improvement over what you're using now. 

Disclaimer: E-code spec headlights exceed all European and Canadian standards for street use, and are widely considered superior to U.S. spec headlights. Unfortunately the U.S. DOT never adopted the European standard (nor did they set their own), leaving a hole in the regulations. As a result, all H4's (even E-code ones) must be designated as "for offroad use only" if sold in the U.S. Compliance with local laws is the buyer's responsibility.

Fits Vehicles:

  • Vanagon
    • Air Cooled: 1980-1983
    • Diesel: 1981-1984
    • 1.9 Liter: 1983-1985
  • Rabbit
    • Convertible: 1979-1993
    • Hatchback: 1975-1979
  • Bus (Type 2)
    • 1950-1979
  • Super Beetle
    • 1971-1979
  • Karmann Ghia
    • 1956-1974
  • Beetle
    • 1967-1978
  • Thing
    • 1973-1974
  • Type 3 (Squareback/Fastback)
    • 1966-1973
  • Dasher
    • 1974-1977
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