Rubber Weatherstripping for your VW

Better Quality ... Better Prices.

Not all rubber is the same. Did you know that on a Bus door seal alone, wholesale prices can vary from $5.00 to $50.00? The worst of them are so poor that your old shredded seal would probably do a better job; the best will probably last longer than you own your VW. We're very picky about the rubber we sell. Since we import directly from Europe we have access to the best seals available (at lower prices), and frequently compare alternatives to make sure you're getting a quality product. If we wouldn't put it on our own VW's, we won't sell it to you. In some cases where there are big price differences we may offer you a choice (for example an OEM German seal or an OEM Brazilian one) so your needs and budget can determine your decision. In all cases, you can rest assured that you are buying the best quality available in your price range, for much less than you'd pay elsewhere.

Diagrams of Bus and Vanagon Weatherstripping and Rubber
These diagrams show our most popular seals for these VW models. Please browse or search our online catalog for a larger selection, including seals for other VW models, and more seals for these models. Feel free to contact us if you can't find the one you need.