Bus Depot Social Responsibility

As a concerned member of the global community, each year The Bus Depot donates a portion of our profits to humanitarian and social charities.  Among those we have donated to are Doctors Without Borders, AmeriCares, MercyCorps, and the Teaching Tolerance project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Doctors Without Borders, MercyCorps, and AmeriCares are nonsectarian, nonpolitical organizations that provide volunteer humanitarian and disaster relief to civilian victims of armed conflict, epidemics, and disasters worldwide. (The first is a Nobel prize winner, the second a past nominee.) Teaching Tolerance is a program aimed at reducing prejudice in the next generation by helping us teach our children today.  Based on the theory that bigotry is easier to prevent in a child than to reverse in an adult, they provide free teaching aids and programs to school teachers interested in making those lessons part of their curriculums.  Mention of these organizations is not intended to imply their endorsement of The Bus Depot, but rather is intended to get the word out on the good work that they and others are doing, since nonprofits such as these rely almost entirely on private donations. Of course these are just a few of many who are working to make our world a better place. Even the smallest effort on the part of each individual matters. It's cumulative, and when added to the whole, can make a world of difference.

We also use earth-friendly packing methods to ship your order whenever possible, in cooperation with a local nonprofit community recycling center and other environmentally conscious local businesses. In fact, new non-recyclable materials make up less than 2 percent of our packing contents. Instead we use discarded newspaper and once-used packing peanuts, augmented by our own shredded wastepaper. We also use reclaimed boxes from local businesses and factory overruns from a local box company, rather than new boxes, on many orders where a specially sized box is not needed. Because of this, you may notice that your Bus Depot shipment does not arrive looking as "slick" as those from most retailers which put every order in a brand new box stuffed with environmentally unfriendly styrofoam or plastic. Rest assured that, looks aside, our shipping damage rate is extremely low despite the unorthodox packing. Of course, in the rare case that a Bus Depot part does arrive damaged, we'll always stand behind it.