Customer Testimonials

Actual unsolicited comments, as seen on VW newsgroups, mailing lists, etc.

"I've done business with The Bus Depot on several occasions. Good stuff at very reasonable prices. Also, you don't hafta worry about Ron being 'overly optimistic'. I've never received the wrong part."
- from Rec.Autos.VW.Watercooled newsgroup

"We had a thread on the Ghia list a while back comparing vendors and their prices for the Bentley manuals, and the winner was:  well, let's just say that I called Ron and ordered two."
- from the Air Cooled Volkswagen mailing list

"I think you'll be interested in this---before I went to the smog retest, when he told me I'd be needing the cat. conv., I asked how much he'd charge for the part. In a German accent: "Oh, I maybe can get you an *aftermarket* one for maybe $250, 270!"  So I went home and checked your website, and went back and told him, no thanks, I can have one here in a week or less for $99.95 plus shipping. "Oh, ja, but it has to *fit* -- if it is a little too big or too small..." Well, does the muffler fit? "Oh, ja, but that's original, it's perfect." I got it for $75 -- original, like everything on this parts list, first quality. "Let me see that -- <looks it over, heads for xerox> -- maybe I chust take his number..."
- Gail

"I will add to the stories about the EXCELLENT service provided by Ron. He has always bent over backwards to give great service, even surpassing what is normally expected. Whenever I need odd stuff, I mail Ron and it's here!"
- from the Type 2 mailing list

"I, too, must praise Ron's support. My mechanic was quoted $100 for a drag link by his supplier. I ordered it from Ron. Total cost, including shipping: $42.60."
- from the Type 2 mailing list

"Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the excellent deal on the poptop canvas and seal- it's all installed and beautiful!
 - Grady

"Their prices are good and there are few if any errors. I have actually found that they will go that extra distance to accommodate the customer." 
- from the Type 2 mailing list

Ron at Bus Depot is one of the aftermarket dealers that supports "the list" and has good prices and service."
- from the Vanagon mailing list

"Since I began my project I have I have ordered 98% of my parts from BUS DEPOT.  Ron has provided me with excellent service and fast shipping!  He has given me the type customer service that one likes to expect from a business....Ron has provided almost every part I needed and at the lowest price I could find!" 
- from the Type 2 mailing list

"Ordered a rebuilt steering rack for my wifes Vanagon from the Bus Depot (for $249.95) ~ Cheapest place ANYWHERE, Dealer was $2,270 ~ Ron has excellent prices, excellent service, timely replies. What more could you ask for?" 
- from the Type 2 mailing list