Bus Depot Exhaust Components

Stock or Aftermarket? One part or all? Either way, you save!

We offer a large selection of both stock and aftermarket exhaust products. The stock products are duplicates of the original VW configuration for about 1/4 the price. Typically, stock systems use several separate components, such as a muffler, tailpipe, header or connecting pipes, and perhaps a catalytic converter. You can buy just one piece, or save by buying a complete system. Stock exhaust systems tend to cost a little more than the aftermarket systems, but in the long run save you money because they last longer, and because the individual parts can be replaced separately later. While others sell lower-end Brazilian or Taiwanese components as "stock", we go this route only when original quality is unavailable or cost-prohibitive. Most of our offerings are premium names such as Leistritz and Ernst (Germany), Dansk and Jopex (Denmark), Ansa (Italy), and Bosal (Belgium). We import directly from Europe, while most of our competitors buy from middlemen, so our quality is higher and our prices lower.  On the complete multi-piece systems, gaskets are included, but the catalytic converter (if applicable) is sold separately.

Aftermarket systems are also available in some cases, particularly on models where OEM is no longer made. These are generally lower priced alternatives that do not use the stock pipe configuration. They are from name brands like Pacesetter and Empi. The main benefit of these systems is price; most cost significantly less than stock systems. Also, they claim performance advantages, although on a real-world basis these improvements are often minimal or even nonexistent. The drawbacks? Generally they don't last as long, and some do not accept a catalytic converter, so check your local laws. It is worth noting that you generally can't mix-and-match stock and aftermarket parts. For example, if you have an aftermarket extractor system on your bus now, you cannot replace its muffler with a stock style muffler.

Diagrams of Bus and Vanagon Exhaust Systems:
Not sure what parts you need? Click below for diagrams of your stock system.

63-71 Bus
72-74 Bus
75-78 Bus
79 Bus
'80-83 Vanagon
'83-85 Vanagon (1.9L)
'86-91 Vanagon & Syncro