Payment Options

Credit Card:

We welcome MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. For your protection your transaction is processed on an SSL secure server and card numbers are deleted from the web server once processed.  

We charge your credit card when your order ships, not when you place it. If an item is backordered or special order, we'll charge for it separately when in. An exception is made-to-order items, which are charged when the order goes to the factory and cannot be canceled or returned after that time.

Note: If you are a first time customer paying by credit card, we must ship to the address that is on file with your credit card company.  This is done for your protection, to prevent credit card fraud.  To have your order shipped to a different address, such as your work or your mechanic, you can call your credit card company (at the number on the back of your card) and have them add your desired ship-to address as a "shipping address" or "alternate billing address" on your credit card file. This does not change where your bill goes. It simply means that your credit card company will confirm that you have authorized us to ship to this address when we process your order. The change takes effect within minutes of when you call, and you can remove the alternate address at any time by calling again.  If you are using Master Card or Visa Debit Card (where the amount actually comes  directly out of your checking/savings account), this may not be possible.  In that case, please email us and we can verify the address differently.  Again, this policy applies to your first order only.  All subsequent orders can go to any address that you specify.



We now have Paypal checkout. Please note these limitations regarding Paypal orders:

  • In the event that Paypal says the order does not qualify for Seller Protection we cannot accept Paypal. (This is rare on Domestic orders but can happen sometimes on international orders.)
  • We generally cannot accept Paypal for made-to-order items. If you use Paypal for a made-to-order item and we cannot accept that form of payment we will promprly refund you and offer you other payment options.  If we do accept Paypal for a made to order item, it cannot be canceled or returned under any circumstances once we give the order to the factory. 
  • Engines and transmisisons may not be charged to Paypal. 
  • Unlike credit card orders (where we charge you when we ship, Paypal charges you the full order amount when you place the order.  If there is a backordered item that is due in about ten days or less, we'll ship it when in unless you ask us to cancel.  If the backorder length is longer or unknown, we'll promptly refund that portion of your payment, and email you a new Paypal link when the item comes in.


Pay Online by E-Check:

You'll see this option on the Checkout page. E-Check is like writing us a check over the internet. You simply give us the numbers on the bottom of one of your checks and we debit your checking account when we ship your order.  There is no cost to you for this service, and it works with any U.S. bank or credit union checking account. (Sorry, not available outside of the U.S.)  It will not work with a savings account.  E-Check payments may delay your order slightly due to time allotted for the check to clear. (Note, if your e-check bounces due to insuffcient funds we will pass on the $10 bounced-check fee that our bank charges us.)


By Phone:

Phone numbers:  (215) 234-VWVW, or toll-free from the U.S. or Canada at 1-866-BUS-DEPOT.  (Please help us keep our prices low by using the local 215 number if you have free outbound calling on your phone. Thanks!)

Quick Order Desk:  You can order online and just call to provide your payment info. Choose the 'I will mail payment" option when checking out, and no payment information will be collected online.  Then call and choose Option 1 and then Option 1 again to reach the Quick Order Desk.  Just provide them with the order number and your payment method.  

To submit the order and the payment by phone, choose option 1 and then option 2 if you need parts lookups or have parts questions.  If you already know the items you need by part number, use option 1 and option 1 again to go to the Quick Order Desk. 

Mail a Check or Money Order:

You can place your order via the website, but choose to mail us a check or money order (in U.S. dollars) for payment. To mail payment, simply choose the "I will mail payment" option when checking out online, and then send a check or money order to The Bus Depot, 4801 Gravel Pike Perkiomenville, PA. 18074. (Please make sure to include the shipping charge.)  Please print out a copy of the website order page and include it with the check or money order. Money orders are treated as cash. However personal or business checks may delay order processing while the check clears. (Note, if your check bounces due to insuffcient funds we will pass on the $10 bounced-check fee that our bank charges us.)  Canadian and Japanese customers: You can generally purchase money orders payable in U.S. dollars at your local post office.



Unlike most online sellers, we still ship C.O.D. to U.S. destinations serviced by FedEx Ground.  Please note that C.O.D. shipping costs $10.00 extra, and may take an extra day. Please have a money order ready for the driver, as they do not accept cash or personal checks. In the event that part of your C.O.D. order is backordered, the C.O.D. will still be for the full amount of the order, and the backordered item(s) will be sent at no charge when they come in.

The following items/orders cannot be shipped COD: Orders shipping outside of the U.S.;  Expedited (next-day, second-day, three-day) orders; Orders containing items that are dropshipped directly from our suppliers (including most made-to-order items such as engines, transmissions, rebuilt heads, carpet, seat upholstery, headliners, etc.).

It is illegal to order products C.O.D. and then refuse delivery when the order arrives.  This leaves us stuck for the shipping charges, which we will turn over to a collections agency along with a restocking fee. Please be sure you want what you order.


Wire Transfer or Western Union:

Please email for instructions if you would like to order using one of these payment methods.