Bus Depot Return Policy

Thank you for your Bus Depot purchase. We are sorry that you have found it necessary to return your Bus Depot product. You are important to us as a Bus Depot customer, and we encourage you to email us, attention Management, at sales@busdepot.com if this return is due to any situation that was not resolved to your satisfaction.

New, uninstalled items in original packaging can be returned within 30 days for a refund, exchange, or store credit, minus shipping charges. A 10% restocking fee is charged on returns if a refund is requested, but not if you request an exchange or store credit. No returns on all Outlet Store purchases, electrical items, installed or used parts or items, special orders, opened books or software, opened multi-piece seal or gasket kits, items that are sold by the foot/yard/meter and are cut to order, or made-to-order or built-to-order items (including but not limited to upholstery, interior panels, carpet, engines, transmissions, and rebuilt cylinder heads). If you return an item on which you have applied for a rebate OR the UPC barcode has been removed from the packaging, we may either deny the refund or deduct the value of the rebate from it. All parts must be received in new, resellable condition, in their original packaging, just as orignally sent. Please do not mark the packaging directly, but instead afix a shipping label to it, or better yet place it inside another box. Please note that we do not refund or reimburse shipping on returns of non-defective product.

If a part is damaged or defective upon receipt or we shipped the incorrect item due to our error, notify us within seven days of receipt and we’ll replace it (or refund at our option). The restocking fee is waived in those cases. Also, on domestic orders only, we will issue a fixed credit or refund based on standard published UPS ground or mail rates to help cover the return shipping expense of the defective or damaged item and will ship the replacement at our expense.

Always call or e-mail for a return authorization (RA) number before sending a return, and remember to enclose a note saying who you are and why you’re returning the item. Please pack the return carefully and keep your shipping receipt so you can track the package in case it is lost. Please note that some shipping methods automatically include insurance and some don't (and the limits may vary), so ask the carrier and consider optional insurance if not. The insurance protects you in case your package is lost or damaged on its way back to us; otherwise it would be at your risk. Please allow 3-5 weeks for us to process returns. If you are returning an item, suggestions on return shipping methods are listed below.

Returning a core? Please see our Core Deposit instructions.

Recommended Return Procedures for items being returned to The Bus Depot

The following guidelines are based on our fairly extensive shipping experience. We do not require that you return your part using any specific method or carrier, but do offer these suggestions...

We suggest using U.S. PRIORITY MAIL to return the following items:

  1. Packages weighing 1 lb. or less (If 10 oz. or less, specify First Class Mail, not Priority.)
  2. Packages weighing 2 lbs. or less if coming from the Western U.S.
  3. Packages weighing 10 lbs or less if coming from AK, HI, or PR.

Please note that Mail cannot be tracked along the way like UPS or FedEx can be, and their estimated time-in-transit is not guaranteed. We recommend that you use Delivery Confirmation, which will at least allow you to confirm that the package reached us. This service is very inexpensive if you print your shipping label online using this link before going to the post office. If you do not print the label online in advance, the Delivery Confirmation fee is significantly higher.

We suggest using U.S. MAIL PARCEL POST to return the following items:

  1. Packages over 10 lbs coming from AK, HI, or U.S. territories
  2. Packages that are unusually large and would get charged a higher "dimensional weight" rate if returned via UPS. (However, check with the post office to see if the package falls under their "baloon rate," which is similar to UPS's dimensional weight.)

The same guidelines apply to Parcel Post as to First Class Mail (read above), except that this method takes longer (typically a couple of weeks, but often a month or more if originating outside of the Continental U.S.). On the other hand the shipping cost is typically much lower than other alternatives for heavier items originating outside of the Continental U.S.

For almost all other items, we suggest UPS GROUND or FEDEX GROUND.

You have the option to either drop off your package, or have UPS come pick it up. Again, please be sure to keep all receipts.

To Drop Off a Package with UPS:

Go to this link and uncheck "Authorized Shipping Outlets" (This is important, as they can charge huge surcharges.) Unless the package is very small, you should also uncheck "UPS Drop Boxes," as they only take small parcels. This leaves both UPS Stores (formerly MailBoxes Etc.) and UPS Service Counters, both of which charge the posted UPS rates. You can find your nearest one by typing in your address, zip code, or phone number. When you drop off your package, make sure to specfy that you wantr Ground shipping to a commercial address.

To Drop Off a Package with FedEx:

Go to this link and enter your zip code at the bottom ("Find a Fedex Kinkos") to locate your nearest FedEx Kinkos location. Unlike independent "pack and ship" places, FedEx Kinkos locations charge the actual posted FedEx rates. When you drop off your package, make sure to specfy that you want Ground Commercial service.

To have UPS Pick Up a Package at your Home or Office:

Go to this link, choose Ground Shipping, and choose a pickup date at least one working day in advance. UPS will charge a $2 surcharge to come pick the package up from your home or work, but it will save you a trip.

For international returns:

This can vary greatly from country to country, so it's hard for us to make suggestions. Often your postal service will offer the lowest rates, if you deem them to be reliable and if the package falls within their size/weight limits.

Links to Online Shipping Rate Quotes: