Add-A-Room Shelters

The Ultimate Camper Companion ... Improved!

Not an awning. Not a side tent. Much more.


New ... See our brand new Add-A-Room Rear Hatch Shelter, too!  Just $79.95!





For 50 years Volkswagen and their aftermarket partners offered optional Add-A-Rooms for their various generations of VW vans. But until now they were all based on decades-old design and technology. We have taken that concept and brought it into the 21st century with features and flexibility that Volkswagen never dreamed of!  Neither tent nor awning, it is a completely configurable attached room that combines the best elements of many German designs (classic and modern) with some twists of our own.  It is the culmination of our 20 years experience in side tents, and offered exclusively by the Bus Depot. There is absolutely nothing else like it!

We are excited to bring this back after a long hiatus. Supply chain issues and rampant inflation during the pandemic made us think we'd never be able to supply it again at an affordable price. When last in stock it had gone up to $499 (and at that point if we'd run more it would have been over $600), but now that things have settled down we have been able to do a new run at just $429. This is the second generation model, with most poles strung together for easier setup, and lightweight fiberglass poles to raise the side walls into domed awnings (replacing 8 heavy metal poles, while shedding water due to the dome shape). Of course it still retains everything that made our original Add-A-Room popular (including a detachable floor, an interior changing cabin, and of course nearly bulletproof constrruction meant to last as long as your camper does).

Special Offer!  Save 70% on the optional Privacy/Storage Room,  which turns your Add-A-Room into a 2-room shelter! $79 value - now just $24.95!  Limited time offer, must be ordered at same time. See bottom of page to order.
Color coordinated to your Volkswagen (or other vehicle).


Dark/Light Gray w/Blue Trim looks great with later model Vanagons and Eurovans, including campers with Gray poptop canvas.
Brown/Beige w/Yellow Trim looks great with Buses and with earlier Vanagons, including campers with Beige (Tan) or Yellow poptop canvas. (See picture at top of page.) 

Uncompromised Build Quality.

The Add-A-Room is built to last as long as you own your camper, with quality canvas, zinc plated poles, double stitching, and heavy duty zippers. It's designed to stand up against all but the most extreme weather, giving you and your friends or family shelter and protection rain or shine.

Completely configurable to your needs - Lower or raise sides in minutes!


- All four sides can be rolled up to form a large open pavilion.

- Three sides can extend outward to form awnings. (Pictured above with two sides raised.) Now redesigned using fiberglass poles that dome the awning roofs to prevent rain sag, while reducing weight and bulk.

- Any side can be closed independently to block wind, rain, or sun from that direction.

- All sides can be closed at once to create a fully enclosed room, with or without a floor.

- When you drive away, zip it up and leave it standing to mark your spot and store your belongings.
Detachable Floor and Ground Sheet can be used as needed.


Use the floor only if or when you want to - it's completely removable!  Attach it to any or all side walls, to keep the inside dry and keep bugs out. When raising any side wall, simply unhook the floor and stake it flat to form a ground sheet (or remove it). There is also a windbreak to go under your sliding door.

Fully Configurable 3-Layer Windows with Screens & Curtains.


Tasteful curtains and shades open and close for privacy or to hide belongings out of sight.
Clear Plastic windows insulate and protect from rain, or can be rolled open for ventilation.Mosquito screens keep bugs out, even when both the windows and the curtains are open.

Many more improvements.


Now includes a floor and wind break for below the vehicle door (previously optional).

Faster, easier assembly. Most poles are sprung together so they can only connect one way. Goes up literally twice as fast as earlier models.

May also be used on non VW vehicles using optional mounting adapters. See below.

Approx. 9.5 x 10.5 feet - plus an additional 15 feet with awnings extended. Packs into one large storage bag (about 4 x 2 x 2 ft.), or 3 smaller ones (all 3 included). 

Optional Second Room / Storage / Changing Cabin simply clips inside your Add-A-Room!


Use your second room for storing your gear out of sight, or for a quick change. Works whether the sides of your Add-A-Room are up or down. Goes up in minutesl use it just when needed. Uses existing poles, so it takes up virtually no space when stored.

Special Offer - Reg. $79 - Just $24.95 only when purchased with Add-A-Room!

New Add-A-Room Rear Hatch Shelter!
Since it uses your rear hatch for support (no poles), our newest Add-A-Room packs up tiny, yet goes up in minutes and adds about 6 feet of living/storage space. Close the opaque door for privacy (as a changing room, solar shower, or to protect your stuff).  Or use the screen door instead while in your camper, to let breeze in but keep bugs out. It lines right up to the Add-A-Room side shelter (and is available in matching colors), or can be used separately.
Only $69 for Vanagon or Bus  ($99 for Eurovan)



    Item Description Price Part Number
  Add to Cart Add-A-Room for VW Bus and Van - GRAY Not a tent or an awning, but much more, this uniquely configurable additional room for your VW (or other) van or camper is unlike anything else ever offered. See Details for more info. Dark/Light Gray with blue trim. $429.95 ADDG
  Add to Cart Add-A-Room for VW Bus and Van - BROWN/BEIGE Not a tent or an awning, but much more, this uniquely configurable additional room for your VW (or other) van or camper is unlike anything else ever offered. See Details for more info. Brown/Beige with Yellow trim. $429.95 ADDB
  Add to Cart Privacy/Changing Cabin - SALE, 70% OFF! Special Offer available ONLY with purchase of Add-A-Room - just $24.95 instead of $79.95. Adds a second room for changing, privacy, or to store belongings out of site, regardless of whether Add-A-Room walls are raised or lowered. Easily clips in and out as needed. Price ONLY valid if ordered at same time as Add-A-Room. $24.95 A0023
  Add to Cart Rear Hatch Shelter (Gray) Add-A-Room Shelter for your Rear Hatch! A Must-Have! $69.95 AHG
  Add to Cart Rear Hatch Shelter (Beige) Add-A-Room Shelter for your Rear Hatch! Fits Bus or Vanagon. A Must-Have! $69.95 AHB
  Add to Cart Rear Hatch Shelter for Eurovan BRAND NEW! Add-A-Room Shelter for your Rear Hatch! A Must-Have! NOTE: Next shipment due end of year; orders placed now will bill/ship when in. $89.95 AHE
  Add to Cart Hook-And-Loop Strap Forget rope and bungee cords! Heavy Duty (21 lb tear strength) Velcro-like Strapping has a million uses around the camper, campsite, or home. Perfect for securing our Ezy-Awning or Add-A-Room to any vehicle with a roof rack. Priced per yard (about 1m); easily cut to make multiple straps. $6.95 VSTRAP
  Add to Cart Optional Add-A-Room Mounting Channel Optional alternative mount attaches your Add-A-Room to your Bus or Vanagon without using a pole inside your rain gutter. Improves rain gutter functionality, and allows use of Add-A-Room in conjunction with roof racks and other exterior accessories. $15.95 J12016
  Add to Cart Add-A-Room / Ezy-Awning Mount Kit for Vehicle Without Rain Gutter Set of three heavy-duty suction clamps allows you to mount Bus Depot Ezy-Awning or Add-A-Room where no rain gutter exists - i.e. on a Eurovan, or a non-VW minivan or SUV. $54.95 A9013
  Add to Cart Add-A-Room / Ezy-Awning Mount Kit for Eurovan Camper Allows use of Bus Depot Add-A-Room or Ezy-Awning on Eurovan with Poptop, when poptop is raised. No drilling or permanent mods of vehicle required. $24.95 A9014