Core Deposits

On some parts (where indicated) we charge a core deposit. It’s refunded upon return of your old, rebuildable part, in the box that the new one came in. Unless a shorter time limit is noted in the product description at time of purchase, the core must be returned within 90 days of the original purchase. Once you ship the core back, we suggest that you email us the tracking number at so we can follow up and get your refund to you faster.

All cores except for transmissions, and some air flow meters/starters/alternators can be returned to:

The Bus Depot
RA # ------  (See below)*
30 East 4th St.
East Greenville, PA. 18041

*You must put your RA number on the shipping label of your core return so we can make sure you get credited.  Your core's RA number is the letter "C" followed by the invoice number at the top of the receipt that was included in your box or emailed to you as an attachment (not the website confirmation number). If you did not receive a receipt, please email us and we'll send you a copy by email.

Transmission cores and some other parts must be sent directly to the rebuilder.  In the case of a transmision, please call or email for core return instructions.  If other parts must be returned to an address other than ours, those instructions will be packed with it. Otherwise return it to us.

Hints for return shipping:  If using UPS or Fedex, print and pay for your label online and then bring the package to an authorized ship center listed on the courier's website. If you pay for the shipping at the ship center they might charge more. If an item is relatively small but heavy, consider using a flat-rate USPS Priority Mail box (available at your local post office), as you pay the same rate for anything you can fit in the box regardless of weight (whereas UPS and Fedex charge by the pound). For your protection we recommend that you pack your return well, insure it, and save your tracking number, as we are not responsible for lost or damaged cores.  Most carriers include $100 of insurance with the shipping cost but there are conditons and exclusions so check with them.

What can keep you from getting your core refund or credit?  In virtually all cases core deposits are refunded - it is very rare for a core to be refused. But rebuilders reserve the right to check some or all cores to confirm that they are rebuildable (particularly if there are signs of physical damage). If they discover that your core is so far-gone that it can't possibly be rebuiilt, they may at their sole discretion deny a refund/credit. Bad cores are generally disposed of by the rebuilders, so if you would like the core back (at your shipping expense), we can request that but cannot guarantee that it will be possible. In the case of transmissions, even if the core is found not to be rebuildable it may still have some salvagable components and the rebuilder may choose to reduce the core refund accordingly rather than deny it altogether. Other things that can cause a core refund/credit to be denied would be returning the wrong core (i.e. buying a Bus alternator but returning a Jetta one); returning a damaged, modified, or incomplete core; returning a core without the box and packaging that the replacement came in (assuming it came in its own packaging); or not returning it within the specified timeframe. Please allow 6-8 weeks for us to process core returns. 

110% Core Return Offer - Get extra money toward your next purchase!  If you request that we apply your core refund as a store credit toward your next order, rather than refund it, we will credit you 110% of your original core deposit. Please clearly note this request when you return your core.  If we do not see such a request we will assume you want a refund.