Bus Depot Exhaust System Diagram:

Bus Depot Exhaust System Diagram:

’83-85 Vanagon (1.9L Engine)

Our 1.9L Exhaust System consists of the finest quality components from such leading manufacturers as Dansk/Denmark, Ansa, and Bosal. They are comparable to the $1500 system that came with your Vanagon, but at significant savings.


 Available as a package or sold separately.

The number in the First Column on the listings below corresponds to the number on the diagram.


Item Description Price Part Number
Add to Cart Complete Exhaust System w/ Stainless Steel Muffler Complete stock replacement exhaust system, including all pipes and muffler for 83-85 Vanagon. Finest OE quality. $549.95 025251053EK
1 Add to Cart Crossover Pipe Stock Header Pipe (Exhaust Manifold), for Front Cylinders (# 1 & 3). OEM European made. $129.95 025251171G
2 Add to Cart Exhaust Manifold Gasket 6 required per Vanagon (sold individually) $2.96 N90131602
3 Add to Cart Crossover Pipe Stock Header Pipe (Exhaust Manifold), for Rear Cylinders (# 2 & 4). OEM European made. $129.95 025251172G
4 Add to Cart Connecting Pipe Exhaust Pipe from Header to Catalytic Converter. OEM German. $99.95 025251147D
5 Add to Cart Exhaust Pipe Flange Gasket For CAT Converter on Vanagon (both ends), and other applications as noted $2.25 025251509A
6 Add to Cart Muffler - Stainless Steel Quality US made stainless steel muffler, a direct-fit replacement for your 1.9L ('83-85) Vanagon $149.95 025251053E
7 Add to Cart Tail Pipe OEM Supplier (Ernst/Bosal/Ansa) $29.95 025251185C
8 Add to Cart Catalytic Converter - Stainless Steel Quality direct-fit CAT with stainless steel body. This one fits! (Not for sale or use in California) $99.95 22918
8 Add to Cart Catalytic Converter - California Legal C.A.R.B. approved, Stainless Steel Body. (Non-California residents can use our $129 CAT instead.) $549.95 VW83407
9 Add to Cart Exhaust Flange Gasket Muffler to Tail Pipe $2.25 025251235
10 Add to Cart Muffler Strap 83-85 1.9L Vanagon. $19.95 025251521