VisionKit - Performance Headlight Upgrade Kit

No more dim headlights! Upgrade your square (rectangular) headlight Vanagon to High Intensity lighting with minimal cost and effort, with this complete kit. SAVE 50% off individual prices!
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The '86-up U.S. Vanagon headlights are notoriously bad. Our VisionKit is the highest performance upgrade you can do with your existing headlights. It includes everything you need to bring your '86-91 Vanagon's headlights to the 21st century and is the best $75 you will ever spend on your Vanagon.
Kit Includes: - Two high-output 100 watt H3 high beam bulbs.
- Two German 80/100 watt outer low/high beam bulbs (roughly twice the brightness of your stock bulbs)
- Two Headlight relays with wiring harnesses and fuses
- Simple, fully illustrated instructions. Want even better headlights? The next step above the VisionKit would be to replace your entire headlight assemblies with European spec E-code headlights - that link is below. While pricier, that option provides the best lighting you can get on your Vanagon. The "Ultimate" E-code headlight package (read the details in the link below) basically includes the VisionKit as well, so you get both upgrades at once for maximum performance.

Fits Vehicles:

  • Vanagon
    • 2.1 Liter: 1986-1991
    • Syncro: 1986-1991
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