68-73 Bus Poptop Seals


    Item Description Price Part Number
  Add to Cart Poptop Seal NOT ALL POPTOP SEAL IS THE SAME. See Details to learn why ours is far superior. Fits 68-73 Westfalia (does both sides and front). $49.95 231069710
  Add to Cart Flat Poptop To Luggage Rack Seal Across leading edge of poptop (where it meets luggage rack). Ours is the only one with an integrated clip; no glue required. $19.95 231070709
  Add to Cart Luggage Rack Seal 68-73 Westfalia. Goes around luggage rack where it meets roof. $19.95 231070732A
  Add to Cart Poptop Seal Per Foot (for poptop campers other than Bus Westfalia or Vanagon Westfalia, for which we offer pre-cut lengths). $1.95 231070100