Luggage Rack Seal - OEM German Westfalia


OEM German replacement, for Vanagon Westfalia.

Part Reference Number: 253070732
Brand: OE Supplier

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Luggage Rack Seal - OEM German Westfalia

Detailed Description

This is brand new OEM Westfalia production using modern materials and tooling. Historically the original Westfalia seal was known for rusting because the internal clips are not aluminum (compared to our Bus Depot version, linked below, which does use aluminum clips and won't rust). On this modern production the internal metal clips are still not aluminum, but the German manufacturer claims that new extrusion technology (which impregnates the metal into the EPDM material while still hot) protects the metal against rusting. (Of course it will probably be ten years before you get to test their claim, as even the original lasted about that long.)

Which is better, this or the Bus Depot version linked below? Each has advantages...

Factory Look: Our Bus Depot replacement looks closer to stock than any other aftermarket one - so close that the untrained eye would not notice a difference. But nothing looks more original than the original itself. If you're doing a concourse-quality restoration or are an absolute stickler for originality and detail, this is your seal.

Ease of Installation: Our Bus Depot seal wins this one hands-down. It is the only one that goes on without having to remove or loosen your luggage rack. No other aftermarket seal, nor this OEM one, can make that claim.

Profile: This OEM seal has a small "tail" on the inside that the aftermarket one lacks. Under normal circumstances that is of no consequence. However, if your luggage rack is out of spec (either warped or not sufficiently snugged down), that tail can help prevent wind noise at highway speeds. Therefore we do recommend using this one if you experience any wind noise with the aftermarket seal. (Note, we do not recommend a seal with a bulb, which is what many of our competitors sell as "luggage rack seal." The bulb prevents rainwater drainage, trapping dirt and debris between your luggage rack and your roof, which is why Westfalia never used a bulbed seal in the first place.)

Cost: The Bus Depot seal is less than half the price.

Fits Vehicles:

  • Vanagon
    • 1980-1983
    • Diesel : 1981-1984
    • 1.9 Liter : 1983-1985
    • 2.1 Liter : 1986-1991
    • Syncro : 1986-1991

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