POR15 Complete Rust Converter Kit

Very effective rust treatment that can be used without removing existing rust. Everything you need to prep and rustproof 6 to 12 square feet in one box.
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Detailed Description

Includes 4 oz. POR-15, 8 oz. Metal-Ready etcher, 8 oz. Marine-Clean degreaser, brushes, even latex gloves. Great for small rust areas. Order 2 kits for larger or multiple areas (or get a quart, linked at the bottom of this page). POR15 is widely used by restoration experts and VW enthusiasts alike. POR stands for "paint over rust," and as the name implies you do not have to completely remove all rust in order to apply it. In fact it works best on a rough surface. First clean and degrease the surface thoroughly and remove all loose rust with the included degreaser, etcher, and a wire brush if needed. Then brush on the POR-15 (or use a spray gun). Can be painted over but it is not necessary. See the package for more details. This is a very effective and inexpensive precaution that can help prevent or at least delay a much more expensive repair. It can also be used in conjunction with Waxoyl (see below) for a very effective "1-2 punch."

This is just one of the rust preventative products we offer. If you’d like a rust treatment that requires less prep and can even be bought in a spray can for hard-to-reach areas, try our ZeroRust Spray Cans.or Quarts. If you’re treating areas that don’t have any rust (or where the rust has already been treated or repaired), try our Waxoyl, Waxoyl Underbody Seal, and Seam Sealer. And of course if your rust is past the point of treatment, we stock a full range of replacement metal for a once-and-for-all solution.

To learn about all your rust treatment options, and choose the best one for you, read this article.

Fits Vehicles:

  • Beetle
    • 1947-1978
  • Bus (Type 2)
    • 1950-1979
  • Karmann Ghia
    • 1956-1974
  • Type 3 (Squareback/Fastback)
    • 1966-1973
  • Type 4 (411/412)
    • 1970-1974
  • Super Beetle
    • 1971-1979
  • Thing
    • 1973-1974
  • Dasher
    • 1974-1981
  • Rabbit
    • Hatchback : 1975-1984
    • Convertible : 1979-1993
    • Pickup : 1980-1984
  • Scirocco
    • 1975-1988
  • Jetta
    • 1980-2005
  • Vanagon
    • Air Cooled : 1980-1983
    • Diesel : 1981-1984
    • 1.9 Liter : 1983-1985
    • Syncro : 1986-1991
    • 2.1 Liter : 1986-1991
  • Quantum
    • 1982-1988
  • Golf
    • 1985-2005
  • Fox
    • 1987-1993
  • Corrado
    • 1989-1995
  • Passat
    • 1990-2005
  • EuroVan
    • 1992-2003
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