VW Camper - The Inside Story


This book from England documents and celebrates the many different camping conversions built on the Volkswagen Bus, Vanagon, Eurovan, and T5, spanning five decades.

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VW Camper - The Inside Story

Detailed Description

In this expanded and fully updated second edition, over 500 colour photographs, coupled with period and archive pictures and brochure materials, illustrate the detailed text, showing and describing the various specifications, layouts, fitments and optional equipment on over forty different conversion companies' models, including:

Adventurwagen, ASI/Riviera, Sportsmobile, Westfalia, Amescador, Arcomobil, Australian Campers, Auto-Sleeper, Bilbo's Campers, Campmobile, Canadiana, Canterbury Pitt, Caraversions Hitop, Danbury Conversions, Dehler Profi, Devon Conversions, Dormobile, Eurec Campers, EZ Campers, Gardena Gypsy, Holdsworth, Joch Camping, Kamper Kits, Karmann Coachbuilts, Moortown Motors, Oxley Coachcraft, Poba Campers, Reimo Conversions, Safare Custom Campers, Service Mota-Caravan, Slumberwagen, South African Campers, Sport Kocijan, Sundial Syro Kit Campers, T3 (T25) UK Campers, Tischer Demountables, Teca Conversions, Viking, and VW California.

Fits Vehicles:

  • Bus (Type 2)
    • 1960-1979
  • Vanagon
    • Air Cooled : 1980-1983
    • Diesel : 1982-1984
    • 1.9 Liter : 1983-1985
    • 2.1 Liter : 1986-1991
    • Syncro : 1986-1991
  • EuroVan
    • 1993-2003

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