Dipstick Oil Temperature Sender - Protect your Engine!


A must-have for every air cooled VW! Simply replace your stock dipstick with this one, attach one wire, and the factory "idiot light" on your dash will flash and then light solid if your oil temp gets too high. This five-minute installation could save your engine!

Part Reference Number: GB227

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Dipstick Oil Temperature Sender - Protect your Engine!

Detailed Description

These were sold for 40 years by a venerable air cooled specialist who no longer carries them. We are happy to have them here at the Depot! Your "air cooled" engine is also an "oil cooled" engine; if the oil temp gets too hot your engine will fry. This simple solution gives you advance warning without complicated wiring. The dipstick sender comes pre-calibrated to trigger the light at approx. 225 degrees F, but can be easily re-calibrated to a different temp (or checked for accuracy) using the included instructions. A flickering light warns of 225 degrees, a solid light means pull over immediately. NOTE: This version is for all Bugs, and for Buses thru 1971. If you have a 72-79 Bus order the version below instead.

We also offer a VDO version (linked below) that supports an actual temp gauge rather than just triggering your idiot light.

Fits Vehicles:

  • Beetle
    • 1947-1978
  • Bus (Type 2)
    • 1950-1971
  • Super Beetle
    • 1971-1979

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Dipstick Oil Temperature Sender - Protect your Engine!

Dipstick Oil Temperature Sender - Protect your Engine!

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