Cooling System, Vanagon Diesel

All Bus Depot hoses are either original equipment or OEM quality.

Hoses found on the diagram but not listed below are no longer made.

    Item Description Price Part Number
1 Add to Cart Radiator From OEM supplier to Volkswagen. NOTE: Behr has these on backorder (allegedly coming this month but they said the same last month and the month before). If you order on this page and pay by credit card, you'll keep your place in line and we'll ship when in (and not bill until we ship). If you're in a rush, we recommend ordering the Nissens radiator linked below instead, as it's the 2nd best available and not on backorder. $169.95 068121253E
3 Add to Cart Coolant Hose 83-85 Vanagon $11.95 N90166601
4 Add to Cart Coolant Hose 83-85 Vanagon $11.95 N90166601
8 Add to Cart Coolant Hose Block To Water Pump, Diesel $6.37 068121053E
10 Add to Cart Coolant Hose Feed, Engine to Heater Control Valve, 81-82 Diesel Vanagon. Discontinued, only 1 on hand. $119.95 251265055B
12 Add to Cart Coolant Expansion Tank Coolant Reservoir, 1981-82 Vanagon Diesel. Genuine VW. $119.95 068121405B