Add-A-Room / Ezy-Awning Mount Kit for Vehicle Without Rain Gutter

Set of three heavy-duty suction clamps allows you to mount Bus Depot Ezy-Awning or Add-A-Room where no rain gutter exists - i.e. on a Eurovan, or a non-VW minivan or SUV.
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Works on virtually any clean, flat, smooth surface. (Hint: Dampen both surfaces before mating.) Also can be used to mount an Ezy-Awning to the front or rear (rather than side) of a Bus, a Vanagon, or a Eurovan Camper, or even to use your Ezy-Awning around the house by attaching it to a wall.

Notes: On a Eurovan poptop camper, this kit will only work when the poptop is closed. To use the Ezy-Awning or Add-A-Room when the top is raised, use the Eurovan Camper kit linked below. (You can use both this kit and the camper kit linked below if you'd like the Ezy Awning or Add-A-Room to work whether the Eurovan camper top is raised or lowered.) When used to attach an Add-A-Room to a non-VW van, please note that we have not tested the Add-A-Room on all non-VW vehicles and cannot guarantee that its entry door will line up to every vehicle (although it has been designed to be highly adjustable) . If in doubt feel free to email us for advice before ordering.

Fits Vehicles:

  • EuroVan
    • 1992 - 2003View Fit Details
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