Rear Wheel Bearing Kit - Rialta Camper


Heavy Duty Version Required For Eurovan Rialta, Vista, Sunstar. One kit does one wheel.

Part Reference Number: 701598625B
Brand: Meyle (Germany)

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Rear Wheel Bearing Kit - Rialta Camper

Detailed Description

This is the ONLY version that can safely be used on the rear of a Rialta. (Warning, many bearings sold for this application are NOT the correct 2000kg bearings and WILL fail catastrophically.) It can also be used on the front, although the HD version is not required on the front. Nut should be torqued 148 ft lbs. Due to the Rialta design it may loosen over time so check the torque periodically; Loctite can help.

Fits Vehicles:

  • EuroVan
    • 1995-2003
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