Oil Filter - Genuine OEM Volkswagen

Correct OE VW Filter, from Mann/Germany.
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Brand: Mann (Germany)
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This is what came with your Vanagon when new and it's the one we recommend. A lot of auto parts stores, online retailers, and mechanics list Golf/Jetta filters as working for Vanagons, as most companies don't even make the Vanagon-specific filter anymore - but as per VW's own specs those are not suitable for a Vanagon as they may cause oil-starvation at startup and shorten your engine's lifespan. Our OEM Vanagon filter uses the correct anti-drainback valve, pressure bypass, and filter composition that VW's engineers specified for your engine. Even if you don't change your own oil, keep a couple on the shelf to hand to your mechanic when it's oil change time. Good oil filters are cheap - engines are expensive.

Fits Vehicles:

  • Vanagon
    • 2.1 Liter: 1986-1991
    • Syncro: 1986-1991
    • 1.9 Liter: 1983-1985
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