Air Flow Meter

'86-up Vanagon. Upgraded unit also resolves bucking/stalling issue common to original units and other replacements, as per VW Technical Bulletin
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Core Deposit: $150.00
Availability: Usually ships in 1-3 working days (sooner if Expedited/Express shipping is chosen)
This is a U.S. remanufactured unit that is built and bench-tested to original VW specs. However, it is updated to include additional componentry designed to reduce or eliminate the dreaded "Vanagon Syndrome" that causes bucking and stalling on some Vanagons. Volkswagen issued a technical service bulletin on this some years ago, offering an inline adapter that plugged into the AFM's wiring harness to fix the issue. We have addressed the problem inside the AFM itself, eliminating the need for the pricey external adapter. While this will not solve bucking/stalling on all Vanagons (which can be caused by many things), it does typically eliminate the issue if you are experiencing it. If you're not experiencing it, the upgrade won't hurt anything and may prevent the issue in the future.

Note to International Buyers (except Canada): Orders shipping outside of the USA, its territories, and Canada will incur a $275 core deposit instead of a $150 one. This is because we have had trouble getting overseas customers to send back their cores due to the postage cost, and we really do need them back to rebuild for the next person. Your full core deposit will be refunded upon receipt of your old, rebuildable unit. The additional core deposit amount will not display at checkout but will be added to your order prior to processing.

Fits Vehicles:

  • Vanagon
    • 2.1 Liter: 1986-1991
    • Syncro: 1986-1991
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