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Please be sure that you have correctly identified your vehicle in the space on the order form (including any major motor modifications, etc.). While we try to make sure our database is accurate, we cannot guarantee it. If you are not sure if a part will fit your vehicle, please put a note in the "comments" section of the order form and we will be happy to double-check the application before shipping, and substitute the correct part if your selection was incorrect. (If the correct part is not within 10% of the price of the incorrect one you ordered, we'll check with you before substituting it.).

If you order via CyberCheck, you hereby authorize The Bus Depot, Inc. to debit the checking account that you have specified, for the total amount of the order, on a one-time basis. You agree to make immediate payment via credit card or money order if your bank fails to honor your personal check or CyberCheck for any reason. A $15 "bounced check" fee will apply if your draft is returned for insufficient funds, or if you place a C.O.D. order and then refuse delivery when it arrives. In addition, if unpaid debt extends beyond 60 days from order date, you will be responsible for all costs incurred in order to collect the debt, including but not limited to a $50 collection agency processing fee plus court costs in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. We actively pursue all unpaid debts and report them to both collection agencies and credit bureaus.

Privacy Statement: We do not sell our mailing lists or email address lists to any outside companies. Period.

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The Bus Depot, Inc. is an independent parts distributor, and is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Volkswagen of America, Inc., Volkswagen AG, or their authorized dealers and distributors. Not all parts sold by The Bus Depot, Inc. are Volkswagen products. Volkswagen of America is a wholly-owned subsidiary and exclusive U.S. importer of cars manufactured by Volkswagen AG "Volkswagen" and Audi AG. The "VW" logo is a registered trade mark of Volkswagen AG. All references on this website to the words Volkswagen, VW, or any models of Volkswagen vehicles are not claimed as belonging to this site or to its owners. These terms are used for descriptive purposes only. Any references to part numbers on this website are are intended solely as informational part cross-reference data, to communicate a claim by the manufacturer of a part that it can potentially be fitted to a specific motor vehicle and/or replace a specific original part. The reference to an original part number is in no way intended to imply that the part is necessarily manufactured, distributed, or endorsed by Volkswagen or its affiliates.

Sales Tax: We collect sales tax in Pennsylvania only, as it is the only state in which we have a physical presence. Many states require purchasers to file a sales and/or use tax return at the end of the year reporting any taxable purchases that they made but were not taxed, and to pay tax on those purchases. Details of how to file these returns may be found at the websites of your respective taxing authorities. For those states imposing sales or use taxes, your purchase is subject to use tax unless it is specifically exempt from taxation. Your purchase is not exempt merely because it is made over the Internet or by other remote means.

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